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Wellness Plan Type**12-Month Term*6-Month Term*Monthly Payment
Massage Wellness Plan I: 1 60-min massage per month$840 ($1,080 value)$420 ($540 value)$70/month
Massage Wellness Plan II: 2 60-min massage per month $1,680 ($2,160 value)$840 ($1,080 value)$140/month
Adjustment Wellness Plan I: 2 adjustments per month$1,440 ($1,800 value)$720 ($900 value)$120/month
Adjustment Wellness Plan II: 4 adjustments per month$2,880 ($3,600 value)$1,440 ($1,800 value)$240/month
Combo Wellness Plan I: 2 adjustments/month • 1 60-min. massage/month$2,300 ($3,120 value)$1,150 ($1,440 value)$192/month
Combo Wellness Plan II: 2 adjustments/month • 2 60-min. massages/month$3,120 ($2,880 value)$1,560 ($1,980 value)$260/month


Custom Rehab/Therapy
Wellness Plan

$890/month ($1,260 Value)

12 customized rehab/therapy session per month.

Includes 4 adjustments


Single Session $50 OR

Buy 5, Get 1 Free OR

Buy 10 for $375

*Additional 5% off when Wellness Plan term is paid in full at enrollment.
**Senior Citizen Discount – 20% off all Wellness Plan types.
***Family Wellness Plans available upon request.

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